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Depending on the STYLE of Memorial Keepsake you are ordering, information is due 3 to 2 days before service, so that we can provide you with a proof. Sometimes we can complete programs within 1 day, but call us to check our production schedule at (310) 649-0173.

To help you gather the information needed, please click on the type of order of service you are having for your loved one. Fill out the form (which helps with order of service and/or writing of obituary and more) to the best of your ability.

If you have already composed the obituary and already have an order of service, there is a page were you can copy and paste your information.

Once completed please GO THE LAST PAGE of the Form and HIT The SUBMIT Button.


You can upload 5 Pictures at a time or place all info and/or pictures in a zip folder and upload the whole folder to us. (This is the best way.) Depending on the speed of your internet, it may take a little time to upload, but the UPLOAD DOES WORK…

Please include your name, phone number and your loved one’s name on ALL submissions and emails.


Excel is not a word processing or print-design software program it is for numbers.

Powerpoint is not a word processing or print design program it is for slide presentation.

Our acceptable file formats for text are:

  • Microsoft Word extension (.doc) or Rich Text Format extension (.rtf)
  • Our accepted file formats for pictures and artwork files are:
  • Tagged Imaged Format extension (.tif) or Joint Photographic extension (.jpeg)
  • Minimum resolution 300 dot per square inch (dpi) or 300 resolution (res)
  • Minimum picture size 5 inches
  • Best done and Adobe Photoshop or any Picture editing program with these extensions.

Camera Ready Artwork/Stock, Print and Bindery Only:

Which means The file is Ready to Run NO FILE MANIPULATION OR CORRECTIONS WILL DONE, BUT WE WILL LOOK AT YOUR FILE AND LET YOU KNOW IF WE SEE SOMETHING THAT NEEDS TO BE FIXED BEFORE WE RUN IT. If you want us to fix it, there will be additional charge for computer revisions. (Minimum Fee $25.00)

Acceptable format are: Adobe Acrobat Reader File Extension (.pdf), file resolution at 300 dpi & all fonts.

If you are not sure of any of the above formats or software programs,

please call us at (310) 649-0173

Thank You From the Design Team at Morgan’s Eloquent Design, 2.0

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