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Frequently Asked Questions

Memorial Keepsake

What Type of Memorial Keepsake Do You Prepare?

Morgan’s Eloquent Designs (MED) produces a variety of memorial keepsake styles for all your service needs - whether traditional, graveside or direct cremations. Even a direct cremation warrants a beautiful memorial keepsake, with photographs and tributes to help capture precious memories of your loved one.

How Many Pictures Can I Have?

That is totally your choice. We have created memorial keepsakes without pictures as well as keepsakes with more than 300 pictures.

How Soon Do We Need the Information?

Generally, four (4) days to two (2) days in advance depending on the style of Memorial Keepsake you order. This is so that your materials are prepared for proofing at least one day before the service, if not sooner.

What is the Minimum Order?

The minimum order for keepsakes is 75, unless you are ordering memorial tributes for graveside services. Then, the minimum is 25.

Do We Get to See the Program Before the Final Print Run?

Our first priority is for you to proof before we print. We do this not only because the keepsake is a lasting tribute, commemorating your loved one, but, also because proofing is a basic principle in our approach to customer service – professional and considerate customer care. At proofing, you can make any changes, corrections, or additions you like. You are the final author; we print only after your modifications have been finalized. No one knows your loved ones and family members better than you - the spellings of names and lists of siblings, aunts, uncles, and the favorite cousin are all dependent upon your input. We only add the names you give us. Again, we will not print until you inform us that it’s alright to do so.

Do We Need to Scan the Pictures?

We are a full service design and printing company. You do not need to go elsewhere to have your pictures printed or scanned before bringing them to us. You can email them, upload them through our website, bring the originals to us or email them to: (This is a photo only text number). You may even bring a flash drive and we’ll print your photos so you can choose the ones you’d like to use. We’ll take care of the rest - that includes any necessary photo editing, cropping, light touch-ups and photo resizing. There is no need for you to tape, cut, or create a collage of the pictures yourself. It only makes the process longer.