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Memorial Keepsakes that Speak of Cherished Memories

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Founded in 1995, we are more than a design and printing company.
We are specialists who create wonderful, customized, high-quality
keepsakes that pay tribute to your cherished loved ones.
We are here to help you during this trying time.

Memorial Keepsake

Give us your pictures, give us your words, and we’ll create a customized, memorial keepsake that you’ll be proud to share with loved ones and friends for years to come

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About Us

Our goal is to provide clients a customizable funeral program that celebrates life with dignity and respect.

Morgan’s Eloquent Designs (MED) 2.0 is a professional prepress printing company that specializes in “memorial keepsakes” – customized obituaries that help customers honor the cherished memories of their loved ones and serve as personalized tributes that preserve family history and photographic records for generations. MED 2.0 has established a 20+ year track record of excellence in developing high-quality keepsakes that help its customers celebrate life with dignity and respect. With combined industry experience in excess of 35+ years, our staff has an unyielding commitment to quality, professionalism, warmth, and compassion.

Our office address is:
1716 Andreo Ave, Torrance, CA 90501